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Hello! Logon Why Welcome to Anu BeeKeeping application!

Welcome to the Anu Beekeeping Site Landing Page.

Explore the world of Bees and Keeping with us at the Anu Collective


We have forums, Links list, FAQ's, Procedures, Plant Databases, How to's contributed by user..

This Web Application is for Anu Collective Students and Members to learn beekeeping.

The Anu Collective will be hosting Beekeeping WorkShops every 2 weeks. There will other hands on events with partnering beekeepers. We are currently working on an apprenticeship with a queen rearing company in the area. You can come catch queens, develop your brood eye and learn what it is like to work in an active bee breeding and honey operation.

We have created a new yard for the Anu collective. We are developing this into a active teaching and production operation. We will be planting the farm with bees in mind. You will see what the bees need to survive in our damaging agricultural environment. We will help you learn the tricks to keep your bees healthy and thriving.

Yarrow hiveing a nuc.

We will be developing Tools you can use to help you manage your bee keeping and bee breeding operations.

Our next event.

Saturday and Sunday June 20 Beekeeping Workshops

  • We will be reviewing brood evaluation by checking mating nucs and checking main hives. These nucs will be used to show how queens are raised. The small size allows easy handling for the beginner beekeeper.
  • We will check the Six new hives created in the first workshop. The data we will enter into the site. Last time we add another box to those that needed. We will be selecting one hive to harvest pollen. We will add honey boxes as needed.
  • We had a look at the two full size mating nucs we made for the virgin queens we found. We will fallowup with our evaluation to track how well they are doing.
  • We will be discoursing how to evaluate local resources and finding honey yards.
workshop The available sets are limit. Please register to ensure your spot.

Plants to Feed Bees

Our growing Plant database We will also be creating a list of avible bee plants to populate the farm to provide pasture for the bees.

  • Apiary Management System.
    Track what is happening in your yards
  • Apis FAQ. Find out how to do things.
  • Forums Ask question of other users.
  • URL DataBase that contains links recommended by users. Add a few of your own will your looking.
  • News

    Details of the app.

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